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Library Corner – Week of January 28, 2019

Family Literacy Night    

Thank you to the 32 children, parents and grandparents who celebrated Family Literacy Day and joined us for Family Reading Fort Night at the Library on January 24th.  The children enjoyed s’mores, stories and games around the “campfire” and the reading forts were OUTSTANDING!

Kayla Swayze was the lucky winner who guessed closest to the correct number of popcorn (350) in the pail and she was delighted to take home the pail with 365 pieces of popcorn!  After building the spectacular reading fort Isabelle MacKay was the lucky winner of the attendance book draw.

We hope to see you in January 2020 for another FAMILY FORT NIGHT!

The new large print rotation books are now available for circulation and will be available until May.

Newest in Biography

Jackie Chan reflects on his early life in the new offering Never Grow Up, a thrilling accounting one of the most recognizable and beloved personality in the world.

Non- Fiction

Darkness is My Only Companion by Kathryn Greene-McCreight is a Christian response to mental illness in this brave and compassionate book.  She confronts the difficult questions raised by her own mental illness, bipolar disorder. Why, if I am a Christian, can I not rejoice?

New Fiction

Tom Clancy and co-author Mark Greaney offer the next installment in the Jack Ryan series. True Faith and Allegiance is a political thriller returns with the worst breach U.S. intelligence has ever suffered.

Sawbones by William W. Johnstone and J.A Johnstone gives the classic American hero a real shot in the arm in this epic western story of a Rebel doctor Samuel Knight who is fighting for justice in the aftermath of the civil war.

Blake Crouch offers a new Wayward Pines Thriller with Wayward.  Welcome to Wayward Pines, population 461.  None of the residents know how they got there and are trapped within the relentlessly secured, yet idyllic town of Wayward Pines.

New in Junior Fiction

The Dragonslayer is the next in the series from Jeff Smith’s Bone graphic novels.   It collects issues 20-27 of Jeff Smith’s Bone comics. This volume marks the beginning of the second part of the Bone saga, entitled “Solstice”.  Phoney Bones finds the forces of evil are growing stronger.