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Library Corner for the week of September 2, 2019

Fall Supper Tickets are Going Fast!!!

It is just over one week away! We are pleased to announce that the countdown to the Annual Fall Supper has begun in earnest! This ever-popular event will be held on Saturday, September 14th at the Legion Hall.

We are grateful for the generous assistance of our local community members and for the Legion Ladies Auxiliary who have been extremely busy worker bees, diligently preparing for our delicious Fall Supper.

Tickets are still available at the Library and Ingham Pharmacy.  Please get your tickets early as the evening usually sells-out. There are two sittings – 5:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.; $15.00 for adults and $7.00 for children (12 and under).  Reserved seating is available for groups of eight or more.  Please call the Library at 204-345-2653 with any inquiries.

We are still in need of grocery items as well as volunteers to help us the day of the supper. The wish lists for groceries and volunteers are posted in the library. We sincerely appreciate all the help and support we have received from our extraordinarily giving community.

New Kid Lit

Fly Guy Presents Garbage & Recycling by Tedd Arnold follows Fly Guy as he buzzes to the landfill.  Come along to learn all about garbage and recycling!  Cool Time Song by Carole Leza Schaefer follows a day in the life of the savanna.  Bob the Builder Lofty and the Giraffe finds us with Bob and his team building a home for the new giraffe at the Fizham Zoo.  Linda W. Aber writes Who’s Got Spots?  The Autumn Fest Chorus is disrupted by an outbreak of chicken pox!  My First Action Rhymes is a collection of your favorite rhymes and movements.  Math Fair Blues by Sue Kassirer combines a math fair with a concert.  The Girl, the Kite, the Wind by Virginia King celebrates the wind.  Pinky and Rex and the Perfect Pumpkin by James Howe is about the traditional pumpkin-picking trip with their grandparents.  Turn it Down by Susan Blackaby shows how your ears transmit sounds to your brain.  You See With Your Eyes by Melvin and Gilda Berger show how we need light to see.  Read and discover all about your sense of sight.

New Fiction

     Janice MacDonald writes Condemned to Repeat.  Randy Craig discovers an unsolved mystery linked to the historic Rutherford House in the Alberta Archives and the bodies begin to pile up.

The Crush by Sandra Brown is a heart-pounding story of twisted obsession.  A doctor finds herself on jury duty at the trial of a notorious killer.

Robin Carr writes The House on Olive Street.  A warm wonderful book about women’s friendships, love and families.

This Homeward Journey is the next in the Heart of the Mountains Series by Misty M. Beller.  She is desperate for a new life in the Canadian Mountains and He is the last person she should trust to get her there.