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Library Corner for the week of September 7, 2020

Did you know you can borrow books from libraries across Manitoba?

With a valid library membership, you have access to our library books as well as books from libraries across Manitoba. The system is called fILL – a federated Search system of libraries in Manitoba.
Library Patrons have access to search the Manitoba Public Libraries Network. This allows you to search for a book (called an ILL or InterLibrary Loan) from another library if our library does not have it. Each Patron is allowed up to 2 ILL (InterLibrary Loan) items at a time, providing the account is in good standing.
The library has “how to” pamphlets available at the library. This will allow you to borrow books from home with ease.

School is back in session

Across the province, school has started back up this week. We would like to wish the school staff, teachers, and students a wonderful year. We hope everyone stays healthy and we continue to keep this pandemic under control.