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Library Corner for the Week of December 27, 2021

The Library Holiday Hours are as follows:  Closed December 31st and January 1st, resuming regular Library hours on January 4th, 2022.



Like there’s No Tomorrow by Camille Eide is an amusing yet heart-tugging story about family, faith and the gift of each new day.  All Made Up by Kara Isaac is a love story about reuniting on a reality TV set.  The Highwayman of Tanglewood by Marcia Lynn McClure casts hopeful luminosity to light one’s way.  Women of the Dunes by Sarah Maine is an intriguing tale of discovery.  A Bargained for Bride by Marcia Lynn McClure.  Jilly has been sweet on Jack Taylor for a couple of months-deluding herself as many of us have on occasion!  Desperate Girls by Laura Griffin is a crime thriller about a tough-as nails defense attorney.  Over the Line by Kelly Irvin will keep you guessing until the last page.



Law Comes to Lawless is a western duo by Ray Hogan.  Ryker opens with a dramatic plea: “Your brother Tom has been hurt.  He’ll never walk again.  I think you ought to come and do your share.”  In Law Comes to Lawless John Glyde needs money in order to buy a ranch and the town of Lawless needs a lawman for which it is willing to pay a princely sum.  Dark Territory is a Sheriff Aaron Mackey western by Terrence McCauley.  In the boomtown of Dover Station Montana, tracks have been laid and everyone’s looking to make a fortune, lawfully or not.  Where the Bullets Fly is a Sheriff Aaron Mackey western by Terrence McCauley.  It’s up to Sheriff Mackey to deal with keeping the peace and the dregs of humanity from trying to make a killing.  Texas Flat is a western duo by Ray Hogan.  In the title story a rancher hoping to expand his ranch must run his cattle through open range.  In the second story a rancher receives a summons from his older brother that points him in the direction of Rock Springs.  Jackman’s Wolf by Ray Hogan is filled with drama and raw violence of an untamed land.


W.E.B. Griffin Rogue Asset, is a Presidential Agent novel by Andrews & Wilson.  The Secretary of State has been kidnapped by Islamic extremists and his only hope for survival is the reconstructed Presidential Agent Team.  The Joy and Light Bus Company is a new No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency novel by Alexander McCall Smith. Precious Ramotswe’s husband takes center stage in the latest novel.  Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult is a moving novel about the resilience of the human spirit in a moment of crisis. When You Are Mine by Michael Robotham is an exhilarating thriller that will have you turning the pages compulsively.