Pyjama Storytime Evening

Wear your jammies and bring your teddy bear to the annual Pyjama Storytime on Thursday, November 15th. We will have stories, songs, games, snacks and more! Join the fun from 6:30pm to 7:45pm.


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The Library hosted Family Literacy Night on Thursday, November 16th with the annual Pyjama Night.  Nineteen children, parents and grandparents wore pyjamas and brought their favorite stuffies to the Library.  We welcomed everything from dinosaurs, monkeys, cats and teddy bears!

Children were warm and cuddly as volunteers Cathie Brereton and Melayni Schwab were the guest readers of Pyjama stories and volunteer Marina Milne led “Simon Says” and several versions for “Freeze Dance”!

After completing the Library Scavenger Hunt and Pyjama Party Game there were four lucky winners, Levi, Marley, Nikolas and Thomas.

Nikolas was delighted to take home the pail of popcorn as he guessed the closest to the 606 pieces of popcorn! After getting the Library treat bags the children were hurried home to bed already in the pyjamas!

Special thank you to Gran’s Bake Shop for the delicious cookies!