Spring into the Library

Mrs. H. 2017                             2017 spring wed                      Thurs 2017

Bella 2017                        Marina 2017


This year we hosted three days of “Spring into the Library” (March 28, 29 & 30th), during spring break.  On Tuesday, we enjoyed story-time, followed by snacks and then improvisation puppet shows put on by the children that were in attendance.  The children exercised their senses of humour and lots of belly laughs were enjoyed.  We wrapped up Tuesday with colouring Easter pictures.  On Wednesday, we began with story-time, followed by snacks, and then were treated to a “wool carding” presentation put on by Skylor Mitchell, on behalf of the Lac du Bonnet and District Historical Society.  Following her presentation, Skylor then taught the children how to make the cool craft “God’s Eye” out of wool and popsicle sticks.   Wrapping up on Thursday, once again we began with story-time, followed by snacks and then a “pin the Easter Egg on the Bunny” game.  The children entertained each other during this game, and again we all enjoyed some good belly-laughs.  We then all crafted our very own creative book marks (Bella is proudly displaying hers in photo above).  We wrapped up the Event with a game of “Simon Says…”.  We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to our Volunteers, Janice Halliday, Melissa Miler, Norma Hladki, Skylor Mitchell, Emily Massingham, and Marina Milne.  Without the generous help of our volunteers, our Events would not be as much fun – or as successful – thank you ladies!!  Also another BIG thanks to all of our young Library Patrons who came out to participate, lending their creativity to the crafts and games and making our 2017 “Spring into the Library” Event a wonderful and fun time!