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Town of Lac du Bonnet and Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet Lac du Bonnet Community Centre Lac du Bonnet Legion Lac du Bonnet Lions Club Winnipeg River Recreation Lac du Bonnet Heritage Museum Lac du Bonnet Municipal Advisory Committee Lac du Bonnet Chamber of Commerce Lac du Bonnet Foundation Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association

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Last Updated 2021/05/31

Logs and Lines From the Winnipeg River (Lac du Bonnet History) Caviar and Venison (Lettonia and Newcombe History) Trails to Rails to Highways (Whitemouth History) Tramway to the Pointe (Pointe du Bois and Winnipeg Hydro History) All four local history books mentioned above are available here in the library Manitoba – Community history, books and more!  

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