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Library Corner for the week of November 25, 2019

Incredible Travel Resource

     Have you heard about Global Road Warrior? If you are considering exploring, expanding your horizon or taking your family on an adventure this winter we have an interactive program that will help to educate you on your destination.
     Use your computer/tablet/phone at to gather information about 175 countries. Topics include culture & society, travel, education, history, food and recipes, holidays and festivals, language, media outlets, music, maps, money, national symbols and religion. Prepare to be fully informed about your holidays before the bags are even packed! Using your Library number and password will give you access to this amazing resource!

New Science Fiction 

     The Swarm by Orson Scott Card is the first novel in the Second Formic War series. This is a military science fiction adventure is about an imminent alien invasion. Can the world create a weapon that can effectively defend humanity after the first Formic War?

     Stealing Worlds by Karl Schroeder asks if there is an emergent reality in the virtual world. In this vivid exploration of the coming decades and what they may be like, every pair of virtual reality glasses and every camera could be an enemy if you are on the run from creditors.

New Junior Fiction

     How to Tame a Human Tornado by Paul Tobin follows the seventh-grade genius inventor Nat Bannister and his best friend Delphine in the third book of the genius factor series.

New Non-Fiction

     100 Hikers 100 Hikes by Andrew Camani is a collection of stories written by hikers of various backgrounds. From Canada to Tanzania – Peru to New Zealand, you are sure to enjoy this inspiring book about the various adventures from each hiker’s experiences.

     Daughter of Family G by Amy McKay is a memoir of cancer genes, love and fate. This is a true-science story of a family’s unsettling legacy of hereditary cancer and the mutation known as Lynch syndrome.

     The Force by Saul David is the story of legendary Special Operations Units and World War 2 mission impossible that helped to contribute to the Allied victory.