Summer Reading Club

2019 Summer Reading Club

We had a lot of fun this summer Exploring Nature

at the Lac du Bonnet Library! 

Thank you to all the children who joined us, and also to their parents, grandparents and guardians for bringing them to the Library.
A special thank you to Payden Schwab, Summer Reading Club Coordinator, who did an amazing job as she directed a record-breaking attendance of 245 participants in stories, crafts, games, and scavenger hunts in the park! We appreciate all your hard work and ensuring the kids had a blast!
The Library Board and Staff are so thankful for our wonderful volunteers! We appreciate your continued support and for all your help in making the program a huge success!
We are so proud of all the children that participated and how they kept up their reading throughout the program!  For every hour a child read, they were given a leaf to write their name on and put it up on our Reading Tree!! Our Reading Tree was beautiful and full of leaves!!
We hope to see you all again next summer!


We were so fortunate to have Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre join us for our Summer Reading Club Wind-Up!

Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to treat injured and orphaned wildlife and to successfully release them back into their natural habitat. (

Simone Davidson, Education Coordinator of the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, brought along four wildlife educational ambassadors for her ‘Reading with Raptors and Friends’ presentation.

– Yahzi the Northern Saw-whet Owl
– Biji the Barn Owl
– Dodger the Domestic Rabbit
– Lulu the Domestic Rabbit

A huge thank you to Simone Davidson for her wonderful and exciting presentation! The children all enjoyed her stories and learned a lot of interesting facts about Owls and Rabbits. She even made sure that all the children had the opportunity to pet both Lulu and Dodger.




We had fun adventures to Elephant Park:


Reading Tree:



Painting with Nature:

Artist, Colter Zirk, joined us on August 1st for a special event during our summer reading program, Painting with Nature. The children painted beautiful nature masterpieces on canvas using paintbrushes, sticks and leaves. Thank you to our wonderful volunteers; Alyssa Whynot, Brenda Bailey and Cheri Saramaga for helping out with the 25 kids!!



The children enjoyed painting so much that we did some Rock Painting:




Exploring the Science of Nature:

We explored the Science of Nature on July 25th, during our Summer Reading Program. Daniel Whynot, a chemist from Tanco, joined us at the Library and taught us a lot about chemistry through hands-on experiments. We extracted and separated pigments in spinach using paper chromatography, used red cabbage to determine the pH of different liquids and then watched the craziest elephant toothpaste demonstration ever! We made a mess and had a whole lot of fun!!

A huge THANK YOU to Daniel Whynot for bringing Science to the Lac du Bonnet Regional Library!
Thank you to our wonderful volunteers; Alyssa Whynot, Ron Swayze, Cheri Saramaga and Alex for helping out with the 31 kids and their science experiments!!



The Lac du Bonnet Fire Department came to the Library:

The Lac du Bonnet Fire Department came to visit the Library on July 23rd. We were so fortunate to have volunteer Fire Fighter, Allan Stewart, visit us during the Summer Reading Program. We learned all about being a Fire Fighter, the Fire Truck, and all the firefighting equipment. All the children were able to sit in the Fire Truck and sound the siren and then try on all the gear.


Hug-a-Tree and Survive Presentation:

A huge thank you to Allan Stewart who volunteered his time and presented the Hug-A-Tree and Survive program at the Library during our Summer Reading Program.
Hug-A-Tree and Survive is an AdventureSmart program that helps lost children survive in the woods. Allan taught us how not to become lost in the woods, and what to do should we become lost.
We all had a great time and learned a lot!!



Visit for more summer reading fun and activities!



‘UNDER THE SEA” Reading Club 2018!

Star Dome Wind Up2

Thank you to the STAR DOME for providing the Summer Reading Club Wind-up that took place on Thursday, August 16th.




Thank you to all the children who joined us this summer and to their parents and grandparents for getting them here.  Our numbers this year were the best in several years.  Thanks to Payden Schwab for doing an awesome job of keeping busy minds and busy hands interested all summer.

Simple Simon Say in the park July 2018

Group with balance sticks

Jelly Fish Hannah, Mia and Kiera 2018

Group with boats outside July 17