Summer Reading Club

2021 Summer Reading Club

Register HERE for the Summer Reading Club – ONLINE ACCESS ONLY

At this time, registration is full for our outdoor meet-ups and Play Packs. Registering for the Summer Reading Club – Online Access Only, will allow you to join us on Zoom every Thursday morning 10:30am-12:00pm. During this meeting, children can join us in playing games and reading stories! Children registered for the Summer Reading Club – Online Access Only are also invited to submit Weekly Reading Logs for a chance to win prizes!

Welcome to this year’s Summer Reading Club!

The Summer Reading Club welcomes all kids between the ages 5 and 12 to join us beginning July 7th and ending August 19th.

That said, the Library is offering the first 20 registered children the chance to meet us in-person once a week every Wednesday morning @10:30am (weather permitting) to play games, make crafts, and read stories! For these outdoor meet-ups, masks will be optional for children but physical distancing will be mandatory for children of separate households.

If, for whatever reason your child cannot participate in-person, the activities can instead be picked up at the Library and completed at home. At the beginning of each week, the website will have instructions for these activities. Some of the activities may require items from home. Please let us know the week before if your child will be joining us in-person or picking up supplies for the following week.

Every Thursday morning @10:30am, the Library will be hosting a Zoom meeting where children can join us and play games and read stories!

Like last year, Weekly Reading Logs are available on our website to fill out and submit- they are due every Wednesday. The Weekly Reading Log form will ask you which Reading Prize out of the 6 you would like enter when you submit. One entry will be given to a child for every 30 minutes they read.

This year there is also a Grand Prize. Entries for the Grand Prize will be attendance based. Additionally, children who hand in all 7 Weekly Reading Logs by the last day of the program, will not only be dubbed a “Super-Reader” but will also be given three additional entries for the Grand Prize!  On our last program day of the summer, August 19, we will be drawing the prizes and posting the winners.

The Library is on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and will be posting on these platforms throughout the summer, so be sure to check in often! Anytime new information arises, we will be emailing updates to parents/guardians who have registered, as well as posting the information on our Website, Instagram, and Facebook pages.  

Please check out the TD Summer Reading Club website for more activity ideas, online games, recommended reads, reading challenges, and more!

We want to encourage reading with EVERYONE! All Children who participate will receive a new book at the end of the summer! The book prize will be available for pick up at the end of the program.

Hope you have a great summer and get ready to PLAY ON!

Week 4 – Olympic Torches and Hockey Sticks!


Don’t forget to fill out your Weekly Reading Log (CLICK HERE). Start reading today and make sure to hand it in next Wednesday!

Olympic Torches

Step #1: Gather your supplies.

Step #2: Roll up your paper plate and tape it.

Step #3: Fill your plate with tissue paper flames.

Step #4: Decorate your torch.

Step #5: All done!

Hockey Sticks

Step #1: Gather your supplies.

Step #2: Arrange your popsicle sticks.

Step #3: Tape your two popsicle sticks together.

Step #4: All done!


Week 3 – Balloon Tennis and Water Balloons!


Balloon Tennis

Step #1: Gather your supplies.

Step #2: Decorate your paper plate.

Step #3: Tape the wooden stick to the back of your paper plate.

Step #4: Inflate and tie off your balloon.

Step #5: All done!


Week 2 – Dancing Ribbons and Penny Spinners!


Dancing Ribbons

Step #1: Gather your supplies.

Step #2: Line up your two ribbons.

Step #3: Tape your two ribbons to your wooden dowel.

Step #4: All done!

Penny Spinners

Step #1: Gather your supplies.

Step #2: Decorate your cardboard circle.

Step #3: Place your penny into the center of the cardboard.

Step #4: All done!


Week 1 – Pom Poms & Race Cars!


Pom Poms

Step #1: Line up your two sheets of tissue paper.

Step #2: Cut strips of tissue paper and leave about 1 inch at the bottom.

Step #3: Roll up your tissue paper.

Step #4: Tape the bottom.

Step #5: All done!

Race Cars

Step #1: Gather your supplies.

Step #2: Poke the thumb tacks into the 4 carboard wheels.

Step #3: Poke the 4 wheels into the cardboard cylinder.

Step #4: Embellish your race car using markers, stickers, or sparkles!

Step #5: All done!

This Year’s Reading Prizes



And the Grand Prize

Check out this super fun trailer for the Summer Reading Club!

2020 Summer Reading Club was a success!

The library staff is pleased with the outcome of this summer’s reading club. With the many changes we had to make with the program, we executed an exciting & creative virtual programming experience for our library families.

We had a total of 20 kids participate by picking up the craft/activity supplies each week and sending in their weekly reading logs every week as well. The kids read a grand total of 19,342 minutes!

During the program, we ran a segment called “Story time with Colter” on our YouTube channel. We also posted demo videos of some of the crafts and activities they created & participated in from home… was a lot of fun! Story time with Colter will continue each week during the fall.

There are 3 weekly reading prizes the kids could enter when they send in their weekly reading logs. A child that sent in all 7 logs by the end of the summer had their name entered into the grand prize. Each child who participated is receiving a book prize for their reading efforts.

Tune in below to watch our Virtual Wind up video! Congratulations to all the prize winners! Thank you to the families for spending your summer with us!


Week 1 – Fun with Paper Plate Creations! The first 2 games/crafts for the summer are “Ring Toss game” and “Paper Plate Tic Tac Toe“.

Instructions: Paper PLate Ring Toss instructions Paper Plate Tic Tac Toe instructions



Week 2 – Balloon Fun! The next 2 games/crafts for the summer are “Marshmallow Shooters” and “Balloon Tennis“.

Instructions: Marshmallow Shooters instructions Balloon Tennis instructions


Week 3 – Lego Challenges! The activities for this week are Lego inspired!  “Lego Bingo” and “Roll & Build Challenges“.

Instructions: Lego Bingo instructions   Roll & Build Lego Challenges instructions



Week 4 – Bubble Fun! The activities for this week are tons of bubbly fun… they include “Bubble Art” and “DIY Giant Bubbles“.

Instructions: Amazing Bubble Art activity instructions   DIY Giant Bubble making instructions


Week 5 – Water Balloon Challenges! This week is full of fun and excitement… oh and WATER!. The kids are encouraged to change into their bathing suits for these 2 activities,Water Balloon Volleyball” and “Water Balloon Piñata“.

Instructions: Water Balloon Volleyball instructions   Water Balloon Pinata instructions


Week 6 – “Outdoor Excitement”
This week we are hoping to get the kids and their families outside to explore
We are providing a “Nature Scavenger Hunt” sheet as well as instructions on how to “Build a Bird’s Nest”. Sounds easy right… you’ll see!
Want to challenge your friends… try the Scavenger Hunt in the dark!

Instructions: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt instructions   Building a Birds nest instructions



Week 7 – “DIY Creations”🎨 Summer Reading Club is in it’s final week!
We hope the kids enjoy the last couple crafts/activities we have planned…📱“Create an iPhone/iPod/Smart Phone Holder” and create your own 🚍“My First Day of School” frame!
Tune in next Tuesday for our virtual Summer Reading Windup!

Instructions: DIY Smartphone holder instructions   First Day of School Frame instructions