Summer Reading Club

Summer Reading Club was a success!

The library staff is pleased with the outcome of this summer’s reading club. With the many changes we had to make with the program, we executed an exciting & creative virtual programming experience for our library families.

We had a total of 20 kids participate by picking up the craft/activity supplies each week and sending in their weekly reading logs every week as well. The kids read a grand total of 19,342 minutes!

During the program, we ran a segment called “Story time with Colter” on our YouTube channel. We also posted demo videos of some of the crafts and activities they created & participated in from home… was a lot of fun! Story time with Colter will continue each week during the fall.

There are 3 weekly reading prizes the kids could enter when they send in their weekly reading logs. A child that sent in all 7 logs by the end of the summer had their name entered into the grand prize. Each child who participated is receiving a book prize for their reading efforts.

Tune in below to watch our Virtual Wind up video! Congratulations to all the prize winners! Thank you to the families for spending your summer with us!


Week 1 – Fun with Paper Plate Creations! The first 2 games/crafts for the summer are “Ring Toss game” and “Paper Plate Tic Tac Toe“.

Instructions: Paper PLate Ring Toss instructions Paper Plate Tic Tac Toe instructions



Week 2 – Balloon Fun! The next 2 games/crafts for the summer are “Marshmallow Shooters” and “Balloon Tennis“.

Instructions: Marshmallow Shooters instructions Balloon Tennis instructions


Week 3 – Lego Challenges! The activities for this week are Lego inspired!  “Lego Bingo” and “Roll & Build Challenges“.

Instructions: Lego Bingo instructions   Roll & Build Lego Challenges instructions



Week 4 – Bubble Fun! The activities for this week are tons of bubbly fun… they include “Bubble Art” and “DIY Giant Bubbles“.

Instructions: Amazing Bubble Art activity instructions   DIY Giant Bubble making instructions


Week 5 – Water Balloon Challenges! This week is full of fun and excitement… oh and WATER!. The kids are encouraged to change into their bathing suits for these 2 activities,Water Balloon Volleyball” and “Water Balloon Piñata“.

Instructions: Water Balloon Volleyball instructions   Water Balloon Pinata instructions


Week 6 – “Outdoor Excitement”
This week we are hoping to get the kids and their families outside to explore
We are providing a “Nature Scavenger Hunt” sheet as well as instructions on how to “Build a Bird’s Nest”. Sounds easy right… you’ll see!
Want to challenge your friends… try the Scavenger Hunt in the dark!

Instructions: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt instructions   Building a Birds nest instructions



Week 7 – “DIY Creations”🎨 Summer Reading Club is in it’s final week!
We hope the kids enjoy the last couple crafts/activities we have planned…📱“Create an iPhone/iPod/Smart Phone Holder” and create your own 🚍“My First Day of School” frame!
Tune in next Tuesday for our virtual Summer Reading Windup!

Instructions: DIY Smartphone holder instructions   First Day of School Frame instructions


Story time with Colter! 

Our first book is “The Library Book
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Today’s book “Why?

This weeks book “Pirates go to School

Today’s feature “Help! I Don’t Want a Babysitter”

This week’s book “There’s a Lion in my Cornflakes”

Today’s feature “Hammer & Nails”

Today’s book choice is “What to do if an Elephant Stands on Your Foot”

Today we read in a magical tree!! “The Adventures of Beekle”

This week’s book choice, “Hug Machine”

What a beautiful day to record a story time at the town dock!
Today’s book “Super Manny Cleans Up”

On this beautiful day we are reading “The Boy Whose Face Frozen like That”

Along the water, today we’re reading “ish”

The rain had us reading “Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay up Late” in the library

Today, down at the boat launch we are reading “I’m Bored!”

Today we are reading “That’s Not Mine” at the elephant park!

We’re reading “I Don’t Want to be a Frog” at the Indian Head Wild Rice building!

On this beautiful sunny day Colter is reading “Smelly Peter the Great Pea Eater”