Celebrating Stories Evening

6th Annual Celebrating Stories and Music 2018

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5th Annual Celebrating Stories 2017

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Each year, we “Celebrate Stories” by inviting 2 local authors to perform a reading and talk about their writing. We also invite a musician to talk about their musical writing experience as well as perform their music for our patrons.  This year our featured speakers were Mary-Louise Chown, and Karen David,(on behalf of the Lac du Bonnet & District Historical Society).  Our local singer/songwriter was Shawn Keith.

Our 5th annual “Celebrating Stories” Event took place Thursday, April 20th, and kicked off at 7:00 p.m.  We opened with Mary-Louise Chown serving up a very animated story about Dr. Charlotte Ross, the first woman Doctor in the Lac du Bonnet area. Mary-Louise is a spirited and exciting story-teller, and her topic matter was very well chosen, as we our presently celebrating Lac du Bonnet’s 100th birthday.  In keeping with the 100th birthday theme, we were also very pleased to “partner” a portion of our Celebrating Stories Event with the Lac du Bonnet and District Historical Society.  Representing the LDB & DHS was Karen David, who shared her family’s history and immigration to our area. Karen spoke with passion and knowledge, and also provided historical pictures and displays to accompany her story.

Following an intermission of dainties, veggies & refreshments, we were also pleased and excited to feature multi-talented musician and song-writer Shawn Keith!  Shawn opened with a bit of explanation about his interest in music beginning at a very young age (noting one of his guitars he has had since he was 16 years old).  He entertained the audience with an original piece that was both poignant & melodic, and explained the story behind the writing of the song.  He went on to play an instrumental, followed by a Neil Young piece, all of which delighted and entertained our audience.  The front of the library was filled to capacity, with overflow on the side.  It was truly a wonderful venue, and we are most grateful to our story-tellers & musician, along with our volunteers and staff for making the evening a great success. Once again, we were honoured to co-sponsor with the Winnipeg River Arts Council, and are always grateful to them for their continued support.