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History of the Library

For many years local residents of Lac du Bonnet wished to establish a library for the town. From 1956 onward, for 15 years, Helen P. Smith ran a lending library out of her basement for local residents. The Smiths had to move to Winnipeg due to Helen’s failing health which resulted in the library moving into the home of Hallie Lavoie. The library was eventually abandoned due to a lack of interest from local parties. The library was then moved to the back room of the Bay Dry Good’s store but later the space was needed and the collection was on the move again.

In 1978 due to renewed interest in a library a committee was formed. The members consisted of Roz Burt, Nick Ostash, Teri Usackis, Art Van Steelant, Joyce Hanton, Eleanor Lewko, Phyllis Robin, Connie Safronetz and Aline Preston. A volunteer library was run out of the High School while the committee worked towards getting a Regional Library for the town of Lac du Bonnet.

On April 1st of 1981 the Lac du Bonnet Regional Library opened its doors at 70 Park Street in Suite #1. As time passed the library increased to occupying two suites. In October 1989 the library board decided to build a custom facility in town. A building committee was formed to oversee all the plans. After many different fundraisers and grant applications the board/committee was able to raise enough funds to completely cover the cost of building. On January 26th, 1991, 78 library volunteers packed up the collection on Park Street and moved to our current location at 84 Third Street.